Colorful Infused Water

Hello, there! It’s summer time here! Mercury levels are rising, and the heat wave is quite unbearable. I hear the same from my family and friends in India. I thought a collection of colorful infused water might cool you down! To my surprise, each one is easy to prepare. The link to the recipe is below the photographs, and credit goes to the recipe owners.

I have replaced carbonated sodas and sugary juices with infused waters. I believe certain combinations of fruits and herbs help detox the body, while some others energize. I am still learning and enjoy the hint of mint leaves with fruits the best.

A simple google search on “infused water” will lead you to a ton of websites. I have carefully picked the ones that are beautifully photographed and has a combination that you might enjoy. The various ways – citrus fruits, mint leaves, cilantro, cucumbers, berries, peaches, kiwis, watermelons, and pomegranates are infused in plain water sounds delicious and refreshing. I can’t imagine anything better than any of these to quench my thirst. This is what we are having this summer to keep ourselves hydrated. How about you?

Focal Point Cork Bulletin Board

I have come across several khaki colored bulletin boards for memos and reminders, but this is first of the kind that looks like an artwork!  That’s what got me all excited about reviewing the PinPix bulletin board. The product arrived in a well-wrapped package. And, the folks at ArtToFrames followed up to see if I had any questions or concerns. Well, this looks too beautiful in my daughter’s room.  The board has completely transformed her room, and we are now able to keep track of some key dates on this elegant looking canvas.

PinPix Bulletin BoardThe canvas is made of a high-quality material that will not rip when pricked with a pin. And, the holes created by the pins will seal if removed within forty-eight hours due to the canvas’s self-healing properties.  I tested this feature and happy to see the holes I made disappear within the forty-eight hour period.

Visually, the board looks like artwork on the wall, and it will brighten up any space. It could be the kitchen, office, or hallway.  The pins on this board get a ton of attention because of the way it looks!
PinPix Bulletin Board

Disclaimer: I received the PinPix Bulletin Board for review purposes and brand recognition. All opinions are mine.

Summer Olympics 2016 – Streets of Brazil

The 2016 summer Olympics is approaching fast! The whole world will have their eyes on Brazil soon. My family will be hooked to the television the whole time, and we will be supporting the athletes and countries from around the world. Along with the games, and ceremonies, I will be looking for decor inspirations from Rio and other parts of Brazil. While waiting for all this to happen, I did a quick search on “Brazilian decor and streets” which led to all these stunning images. Now, I am quite envious of the lucky ones participating and witnessing the games in Brazil! I hope the Summer Olympics 2016 is spectacular, and Rio is ready to host everyone. 

Tell me what you think of these bright exteriors. Some of the colours used here are rare and the closest I have seen are in the San Fransisco Victorian neighbourhood. The intricate details around the doors and windows and the rustic iron grills are quite unique as well. I find these streets brilliant and breath-taking. I also like the way they twist and turn! How about you?

I hope to bring you more inspirations from Brazil in the upcoming blog posts. Thank you for stopping by, and I look forward to your comments!


via: flickr

The Hose That Grows

Hello, there! You have probably seen infomercials on garden hoses that grow and shrink in minutes. Well, I recently had an opportunity to test a “Pinocchi garden hose that expands from 25 feet to 75 feet!” I like how this works and glad to share my thoughts with you.

The garden hose arrived within a few days in a rather small zipped up plastic bag. It was very light and easy to handle. Unlike a typical garden hose, it does not tangle nor twist.  The fittings are made of solid brass instead of  plastic, which looks better and is much stronger. A seven pattern spray gun also comes in the bag, and all patterns are suitable for watering plants. The tube looks and feels durable as it is made of a double layer of latex inside and a soft yet firm green fabric outside. The green color looks brilliant and seamlessly blends in the garden.

I have not seen any water leaks at both ends. The brass fittings and the spray gun fit well and were easy to assemble. I have only nice things to say about this Pinocchi hose that grows! I have a few pictures of this hose in action. I hope you found my honest review valuable! Look forward to your comments.

Pinocchi Hose: The Hose That Grows Garden Hose

Pinocchi Hose: The Hose That Grows Garden Hose

A Magical Book light

Hello, everyone! I was thrilled when I was offered GranVela® GreenO Foldable Book Light to review! It is truly a magical book, which is not meant for reading, though! When you open the book, it will illuminate colors. It could be warm white, red, green, blue, or mixed.

 GranVela® GreenO Foldable Book Light

The cover of this book is magnetic, and it opens up 360 degrees. It comes with easy to follow instructions to set it up flat or hanging. Even though the papers seem delicate, I believe it is made of a good quality material called “Tyvek” that repels water and resists tearing. This light is also portable and rechargeable. It comes with a USB port, and an eight-hour charge will give twenty-four hours of portable lighting.

The GreenO Mini Book Light is unique, innovative, and highly creative. It will not only grab everyone’s attention but will also have a calming effect in the room. The light it emits is soothing for the eyes, and the pages manage to distribute it evenly. A ton lot of details is built in this magical book light, and hence, it is sold at a hefty price. It is truly pretty, and my pictures might not justify how elegant and how well this product works.


Disclaimer: I received this GranVela® GreenO Foldable Book Light for review purposes, and all opinions are mine.